Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

Pets are no longer just pets these days. They have become family members that you go on adventures with. But, those road trips also mean that your car end up accumulating lots of pet hair. Pet hair is a bit challenging to remove from your car but it doesn’t mean it is not doable. Check out the following proven and tested ways to remove pet hair from your car and make it fur-free and clean all year-round.

Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

Gloves are the Answer

Gloves can be used for cleaning your car seats. After wearing your gloves, just wet your fingers in a water bowl then run your hands on the surface of car seats in downward motion. Another way you can try is spraying some water on your car seats then running your gloved hands on the surface. These methods both work quite well. These actions can generate adequate static electricity which can make dog hair stick to the gloves. When this happens, you could suck up balls of hair using a vacuum. Repeat the process until the seats are completely free from hair.

Grab That Vacuum

The best vacuum cleaners can easily suck up any loose pet hair found on car seats and carpets. A vacuum cleaner can also effectively remove the longer and larger clumps of hair which will then leave behind only the smaller stubborn ones. When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, choose one which comes with attachments that can help in collecting pet hair.

Use the Pumice Stone

The first two methods are proven to effectively remove dog hair from your car seats and carpets. However, even though rubber gloves are also useful when working on the carpets, there is a tendency for them to tear easily when trying to clean the deeply buried pet hair. The good news is that you can use another material that is guaranteed to work, and this is none other than the pumice stone.

For this, all you need to do is wet first the carpet with the mixture of fabric softener and water. After that, you can rub the pumice stone on the surface. The pumice stone is going to pick up majority of the stubborn hair from the carpet, which also includes those that you might not be able to see. After the accumulated hair formed into solid balls, you can then use the vacuum cleaner to easily collect them.

Meanwhile, if there is no pumice stone around your house, you can still do this process with the use of a stiff bristle brush or wire brush. A brush is as effective and as hard as a pumice stone.

The Bottom Line

Trying to clean pet hair from your car doesn’t have to be a stressful and daunting thing to do. When you apply the tips mentioned have, there is no need for you to go through an internal dilemma every time your beloved furry friend decides to hop inside your car and goes on an adventure with you.