Quick Tips to Remember When You Buy the Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Shopping for the best cordless vacuum for pet hair doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few useful tips you have to keep in mind to ensure a successful purchase:

Search for Superior Batteries

The first thing you will want from the best cordless vacuum with a minimum of 15 minutes battery life. Lithium ion batteries are more preferred since they provide better longevity and fade-free power. But, nickel cadmium batteries are often more affordable. These are very common in budget vacuums and older models. Take a look at these cordless vacuums.

Never be put off when you see 30 to 40 minutes as the highest battery life on a cordless vacuum. This doesn’t sound like too much time yet you will be surprised as to how far you will be able to get on every charge.

Research has found out that the extensive majority of people are cleaning sporadically instead of a single fell swoop every week. When you got pets, this is almost certainly you.

Pet hair can build up fast and can also get very visible after several days. Many pet owners constantly do little projects for keeping things under control instead of grabbing every piece of pet hair after one week or so. When you happen to be among those who prefer to schedule a single afternoon for cleaning the entire house, there is a chance that you are not fit to use a cordless vacuum.

Consider Durability When You Shop for the Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

The best cordless vacuum for pet hair is less durable compared to full-size models. These have the tendency to be a bit lightweight and made from almost all plastic parts. It means that these are not as sturdy compared to their bigger counterparts. The cordless models also come with more temperamental power supply. Chargers and batteries are often the source of concern on cordless vacuums.

Opt for Better Suction

Most of the cordless vacuums feature a weak suction. Experts recommend cordless vacuums which integrate the similar auction systems as the full-size vacuums such as cyclonic suction or the no-loss suction that has unfiltered intake feed.

Such vacuums offer the power you require for sucking up furballs and containing dander. Another benefit of high suction power is that fur clamps can be compressed much tighter the moment they reach the dust chamber. It then lets you vacuum for a longer period of time with no need for you to empty the compartment.

Primary or Secondary Vacuum?

You also have to decide if the cordless vacuum you will be buying will serve as your primary vacuum or will only be a supplementary vacuum. When you are planning to supplement a bigger household vacuum with a second cordless vacuum, you will likely want to opt for handheld models. It is possible that your full-size vacuum already has the equipment and power for handling your flooring.

What you want is something which can deal with the tricky spots that the attachment hose will not be able to reach. The best cordless vacuum for pet hair is ideal if you don’t like to undergo the hassle of using a big and bulky vacuum for spot cleaning.